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There’s a New Guy in Our Midst…

Taken August 2, 2014 with Samsung Galaxy S3

Em came home last week with a lizard. I had mixed feelings about this lizard, but felt the need to keep my mouth shut on this one – Em had been planning for him for so long…

His name is Floyd, and he’s a Bearded Dragon. Actually, maybe it was the idea that I now know someone that owns a dragon that made me keep my mouth shut, but I still had misgivings.

What if he got out and Karma, the ferocious cat-who-thinks-she’s-a-dog ate him?
What if he grew to a monstrous size and ate the cat?

When he arrived, he seemed harmless enough, but… boring. Can’t walk a lizard. Can’t teach it tricks. At least he doesn’t bark.

Em, however, speaks as if he knows what’s going on all the time. I overheard from up in my belfry when she told Kyla that every time she passed the room she set the tank up in, Floyd would run and plaster himself up against the glass. “He wants me to take him out and hold him,” she said.

Of course, I knew she was nuts. She was putting human or dog-like emotions on that reptile, when everybody knows better. Well… *I* know better.

Then this afternoon, I snuck down the stairs to borrow my washing machine while the girls were at work. As I passed the door to Floyd’s room, I glanced in and he spied me. I said, “Hey…”

He flew across the tank in a flash and slammed himself up against the glass.

Curious, I went into the room and we had a conversation. It wasn’t exactly “sparkling” conversation, as I did most of the talking, but, still, I wouldn’t call Floyd shy, by any means. Just quiet.

He gave me a tour of his tank – he especially likes the folded up cardboard that Em put in there for him. He can lay on top, hide underneath in the shade or lean up against it, looking cool, which he says is a favourite position of late, as he’s shedding. The “up-against-the-wall” stance allows the sunlamp to reach more parts of him, and that seems to hurry up the shedding process.

Floyd is very photogenic…

He posed for these pics voluntarily after making me promise to get his good side – and to leave the camera upstairs when the shedding got worse. Floyd’s a little sensitive about his appearance when his skin doesn’t fit.

I tried to tell him he was being ridiculous; no one cares if he’s a little “shaggy”. If anything, it adds interest. His reply was that he expected me to plan a selfie-photo-shoot the next time that gargantuan zit shows up on the end of my nose…

Point made, Floyd.

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Art Lover” – Lambchop

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