Am I Smarter than a Potato?

Inanimate Objectivity-Potatoes
Potatoes are Smarter Than They Let On…
My big project for 2014 (aside from becoming “Independently Self-Sufficient”, that is) was to be able to feed the household without having to purchase any vegetable I could grow myself.

Actually, the garden was a major part of the “Independently Self-Sufficient” plan – I just knew damned well that I could only just begin the project this year. I could only plant the stuff, and hope that in a year or two, I had learned enough and grown the garden large enough that we wouldn’t need to purchase items like tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and blueberries, melons, peas… you know – the kind of stuff that people around here manage to grow in sufficient amounts in their backyards.

My main concern was that gardeners around here have a big one-up on me.

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3 Replies to “Am I Smarter than a Potato?”

  1. Les, I finally got notified of a post! This is wonderful writing. Very funny and self-revealing. Your life runs much as mine. Very heartening to hear of your several gardening experiments and ever the disappointments. My own tomato experiments produced 3 edible fruit this summer. I also have a little box of seed potatoes I never even opened for planting this summer. Sure I have an oozy mess in there now.. If not…I wonder. Fall potatoes? Is there such a thing. Potatoes sound so forgiving. If I let myself, I’d have a very similar style of writing. I use humor to self-reveal. Hiding in plain sight. Being human. Touching folks where they/we live. Thanks for sharing.

    1. HOORAY! You made it! Thanks for the visit!

      Yeah, I imagine your seed potatoes will be a slimy soup by now. Ewww…

      It had never occurred to me that I, also, may use humour to self-reveal, but now that you’ve said it, I suppose I do. Mostly, I’m just weird, I think. 😉

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