Fur-Babies Just for Fun...

The Way to This Dog’s Heart is ONLY Through Her Stomach!

Kaylee can smell the inside of the potato chip bag...
“I Can Smell the Inside of that Bag…”
Taken December 11, 2015 with
Samsung Galaxy S3
© Les Becker, 2015

Kaylee is under the impression (correctly so, as it turns out) that if she only waits long enough, with a woe-begone expression on her face, all snacks will make their way to her.

I could only stand to see this face for about five minutes today… so I gave her a healthier alternative and allowed her to make an intelligent choice.

Kaylee can't choose between treats.
“CHOOSE?! You want me to CHOOSE?!”
Taken December 11, 2015 wwith
Samsung Galaxy S3
© Les Becker, 2015

She chose both.

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Adventure of a Lifetime” – Coldplay


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My Moon and Star

“Same Sky Above Us…”

The sky tonight was lonesome looking… had to get a picture.

Fur-Babies Little Bits of Stupid Real Life

He’s Settling In – He Owns the Whole Damned Cat Tree, Now…

Yoga is Exhausting
“Yoga Is Exhausting!”
Taken November 3, 2015
with Samsung Galaxy S3
© Les Becker, 2015

Tricksy the Not-Girl Cat has settled in to the point that he has taken over all the cat toys and now owns the cat tree as well. He tends not to pay much attention to it, unless Luna decides to climb it, whereupon he tears up the side of it and removes her forcibly. He then guards it like a buzzard while Luna paces at the foot of the tree, grumbling with discontent, until he falls asleep.

Tricksy is a little shit.

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Hello” – Adele



And She Said, “Hello, Country Bumpkin…”

Frost on the Pumpkins
“How’s the Frost Out on the Pumpkins?”
Taken October 18, 2015 with
Samsung Galaxy S3
© Les Becker, 2015

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Wildest Dreams” – Taylor Swift

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Come In, My Dear…

Come in, my dear
“Come in, My Dear”
Taken September 1, 2015 with
Samsung Galaxy S3
© Les Becker, 2015

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Marvin Gaye” – Charlie Puth ft. Meghan Trainor

Finances J.O.B. Photography Productivity Real Life

Safely Cocooned…

New Beginning
“New Beginning”
Taken August 3, 2015 with
Samsung Galaxy S3
© Les Becker, 2015

I have a good routine going now. Four nights at The Big Box J.O.B. and two nights at the gasbar – finances are in order, pre-paid bank accounts are being built up, my garden is “gardening”, and my book is selling.

I feel like I’m in a safe little cocoon again – much like this little guy, who is hanging out in the door jamb of the gasbar.

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Fight Song” – Rachel Platten


Artsy Fartsy Little Bits of Stupid Photography Real Life

I’ll Just Stay Home from Now On, Thanks…

Taken July 8, 2015
with Canon PowerShot SX30 IS
© Les Becker, 2015

I celebrated life in general (and working nights, specifically) this morning by wandering down to the Sainte Mary’s River and the boardwalk with my camera at the very friggin’ crack of dawn.

It seemed like a good way to celebrate, since this is the first Wednesday since mid-April or so that I don’t feel concerned about that extra shift I’m working at the Everything Store.

And y’all know what I think of Wednesdays. Yes, you do.

I don’t know what possessed me to agree to the extra shift on an on-going basis (who am I kidding – I want the money, don’t I?), but I’m not sure I can carry on much longer working six nights a week without killing somebody.

In fact, I nearly killed somebody early this morning… or maybe it was that somebody nearly killed me.

Debt Elimination

Almost Free…!

MC-Paydown-Graph-20150622 copy