The Way to This Dog’s Heart is ONLY Through Her Stomach!

Kaylee can smell the inside of the potato chip bag...
“I Can Smell the Inside of that Bag…”
Taken December 11, 2015 with
Samsung Galaxy S3
© Les Becker, 2015

Kaylee is under the impression (correctly so, as it turns out) that if she only waits long enough, with a woe-begone expression on her face, all snacks will make their way to her.

I could only stand to see this face for about five minutes today… so I gave her a healthier alternative and allowed her to make an intelligent choice.

Kaylee can't choose between treats.
“CHOOSE?! You want me to CHOOSE?!”
Taken December 11, 2015 wwith
Samsung Galaxy S3
© Les Becker, 2015

She chose both.

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Adventure of a Lifetime” – Coldplay

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