The Restaurant, the Romance & the Speakeasy Cover Art

The Restaurant, the Romance & the SpeakeasyPart 2 of The Ruby Chronicles© 2016 Les Becker
The Restaurant, the Romance & the Speakeasy
Part 2 of The Ruby Chronicles
© 2016 Les Becker

Not sure if this will be the final cover or not, but I like it. It “feels” the same as the cover for The Waitress. It fits.

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Stressed Out” – twenty one pilots


2 Replies to “The Restaurant, the Romance & the Speakeasy Cover Art”

  1. I think you are on the right track. It definitely feels like the first cover but you should get the text off of the picture. Tighten up the space between the lines in the title and then drop the picture down just a touch. It would also help break up the sort of half and half layout into a more third/third/third layout.

    (So this means you’ve finished writing and are not just farting with the graphics to avoid writing?)

    1. I am farting with the graphics as well as writing… it’s slow-going, but I like to think working on the cover inspires me. 😀

      Thanks for your advice – I will do all of those things (and fix the huge gap between thumb and tray that I just noticed, too).

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