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She Persisted…

I LOVE this t-shirt – it’s now on my wishlist.

Nevertheless, She Persisted.
Nevertheless, She Persisted.
by CasaMateja

Farewell, Frank…

Frank Manzo 1927-2017
Frank Manzo


Read about Frank and why he was important, here.

It Helps If the Whole Family Is Crazy R.I.P.

Susan Barber – Celebration of Life

Sue-Crop The Celebration of Life for Sue was held at The Water Tower Inn yesterday – I think Sue would’ve loved it. Hundreds of people laughed and cried together for a few hours; I think we all needed for this to happen.

Harry Stewart, a close friend of Aub and Sue live-streamed it all and I’ve embedded the video below for anyone interested in experiencing it. The actual ceremony starts around 20-30 minutes into the video, and it will tug at your heart strings right after you fall off your chair laughing, over and over again.

Little Bits of Stupid

Why Do I Live Here Again…?

30 Minutes to Dig This Thing OutTaken with Samsung Galaxy S6, February 9, 2017©Les Becker
30 Minutes to Dig This Thing Out
Taken with Samsung Galaxy S6, February 9, 2017
©Les Becker

This is too much.

Also (and I want to be proud of this, but I’m too depressed), Sault Ste. Marie has apparently broken a national record for snowfall this year. Twice.

It’s only February, and sometimes we have snow right through April and into May. I don’t know if I can take that this year.