I’m Living in a Sit-Com…

Dog snuggling up under owner's chin.
I think she’s trying to tell me she’s sorry, but I have two loose teeth now, thanks.

So my asshole dog chased one of my reno guys into the bathroom today. I was in the bath at the time.

He knew I was in there too, but I guess he was more afraid of the dog than he was of me because he just kept saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” while keeping his back to me and holding the door closed against the dog.

Thankfully, I found it funny from the get-go. Poor guy!

Kaylee tried to apologise later, but she does that fairly violently – she plants the top of her head under my chin and kind of throws my head back on my neck. I had to accept her apology just to get her to stop.

In entirely unrelated news, Luna the Cat really, really, really wants this scratching post for Christmas.

Cat scratching on a cactus-shaped scratching post

Just sayin’.

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