Lonely Without You

Night time building silhouettes with lighted windows behind trees with the moon shining through the branches
“Lonely Without You” – © Les Becker, 2020

My walk last night with the dog brought us to our favourite park and our favourite tree. I talk to this tree a lot. I mean, a lot. We’ve had entire conversations about what’s going on in my life, and last night, this tree just exuded melancholy.

I often wonder if trees get lonely, but I’m assured (yes, this tree told me) that trees reach out to each other with an extremely complicated root system as well as osmosis. It’s

ongoing, constant, never-ending.

“Lonely” is a difficult concept for me. I like to be alone.

I’m subject to “melancholy”, though, over people long gone, and some that have been gone such a short time that the wounds are still raw.

Terry, for instance.


And I still can’t wrap my head around that.

This photo helps – it’s sad and melancholy and possibly lonely, and I’ve turned it into both a greeting card and a jigsaw puzzle. You can see them here if you like.I don’t know if I feel better, but I feel productive in my grief, at least.

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