The Glittering…

Macro shot of a bright yellow glass-headed pin.

I wonder how many angels could fit on this…?

It’s only the 2nd of December, and yet I feel like I’ve been making snowflakes for freaking years. I don’t think I’m ever going to get the glue out of my hair.

I’m on the

last steps, though, before these gorgeous ornaments will be ready to sell – adding the hanging loops on each snowflake, and then… The Glittering.

The Glittering is not necessarily a necessary step, either – I just like to make things longer and more drawn-out, I think. The process is a little stinky, too. I have yet to meet a can of adhesive glitter that doesn’t make me feel like I’ve sacrificed a million brain-cells to get a headache, even with all the windows open.

I use a good, sturdy cardboard box to contain a small snowfall of ornaments. I punched three holes through two opposite sides of the box and inserted dowelling rods through – I hang three snowflakes evenly along each rod, for a total of nine, and then I shake the can, hold my breath, and glitter the shit outta them.

God, I hate the smell, but I can’t not add glitter to a snowflake; I just can’t. Not. Can’t not.

Anyway, it’s an interesting (and breath-taking, har-har) process, and I thought I’d blog about it, and post some pics.

These ornaments will sell this year for $5 each, or 6 for $25, because one should always get a deal for buying more, in my opinion.

These are the materials I used to make these snowflake ornaments, purchased on Amazon and in local craft supply stores.

Aunt Lydia’s Number 10 Crochet Cotton in White

White School Glue – as a stiffening agent

Magic® Pins – these are by far the best pins for stiffening snowflakes!

Project Board – a macrame board that I wrap in plastic film to pin out the drying snowflakes while they stiffen up.

Crystal String – stretch cord for hanging loops

Bamboo Campfire Skewers – For the glittering box. I use these for houseplants and in the garden too.

Krylon Glitter Shimmer Opulent Opal

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