So This is Happening…

This is a “potato bag” – one of the ones I used back in the day from this post.

That experiment ended

really well – all three of the bags that I planted yielded over a dozen potatoes each, and I fully intended to plant them again (and more of them, too!) the following year.

But then I didn’t. I’m not even sure where the other two bags are, or I’d have planted three today.

Of course, it’s a little nippy out in the parking lot to be growing potatoes, so I’ve set this up on the built-in bench in what was once my “kitchenette”, pre Reno from Hell”. I’m growing carrots right beside them. Hopefully.

These are my “sets” – cut off a random sprouting potato – almost the last of an old bag I found all the way in the back of the bottom drawer of my pantry cupboard. I don’t know what I was looking for when I found them, but whatever project I’m supposed to be working on has already been forgotten about. Hope it wasn’t important.

For those still in the running, yes, I still need a Nanny. Kyla is working full-time elsewhere now, and can’t keep an eye on me as she should.

After filling the rolled-down bag with about 3-4 inches of soil, I nestled my sets down into the bag (I chose to point the potatoes up this time from the get-go, rather than make the poor things grow down around and then up again when they shouldn’t have to work that hard).

All covered up… I buried them in about another 2-3 inches of soil. Once they grow up and out a little bit, I’ll “hill them up’. I’ll keep you posted on how well they do on the inside of the building.

Materials used in this project:

Potato Bags

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