Night-time Randonaut to the St. Basil’s School Cross

Google maps screenshot of destination
“You have arrived at your destination.”

I took the dog out Randonauting again tonight, and this is where the app sent us.

St Basil's School Cross, Sault Ste. Marie, ON. @nd Tallest Free-Standing Cross in North America
This is the lighted cross at St. Basil’s Catholic School…

This cross can be seen from a lot of points in the city (including from my Belfry kitchen window) and it’s really only a 15-minute walk from my door. The Randonautica app pinpoints the general area of where we’re going on the map but doesn’t actually tell me where we’re going to end up. Still, I had a pretty good idea that we would end up at the cross.

And, still, I managed to miss the turn on to one of the side streets, and I got lost while carrying a GPS in one hand.

Even the dog was embarrassed. I’m glad it was dark out.

The cross is HUGE. It’s 37 metres high and weighs 12 tonnes.

It was put up on Moffley Hill, just behind the school on May 14, 1960 by the St. Mary’s College Men’s Club. This site was chosen because it’s believed to be close to the site of a wooden cross erected by Jesuit missionaries approximately 300 years ago.

International Bridge between Sault Ste Marie, Ontario CANADA and Sault Ste Marie, Michigan, USA
The International Bridge between “The Twin Saults”, from an angle I don’t normally get to see.

I chose not to climb the hill to the cross, even though Kaylee (part goat, is Kaylee) really, really, wanted to make that climb. There were stairs up to the cross at one time, but I don’t think they’re there anymore, or not maintained or something, and I couldn’t imagine what Kyla would say if I called her to come up here and find her broken mother in heap at the base of St. Basil’s Cross. In the dark.

I’d have been grounded for life.

Having chosen wisely, for once, I was rewarded with this night view of the International Bridge, all lit up, at an angle that I rarely see.

Creepy Path at night
This. Now, this creeped me the hell out. We bugged outta there after this pic.

Kaylee also tried to lead me up this path. Again, I voted against it. It was too freaking creepy for me. The dog thinks I’m a wuss.

It was a nice walk – cold as all get-out, but a nice walk nonetheless. Still no snow – eventually, I hope, the weather will even out. We’ll get dumped on, but at least it won’t feel as cold with snow on the ground.

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