I May Be Starting on a New Kick, Now… Yeah, Again.

Photo from late 1800s showing Main St Thessalon Ontario CAnada

This old photo of my hometown circa somewhere in the late 1800s has my gears turning. Now, I want to animate this photo. Years ago, I was heavy into Flash animation, so that’s now gone all obsolete and everything, but I think I’ve figured out another way. And that way will be Photoshop because of course, it will. I played around with onion-skinning for animation when I bought my Photoshop suite or whatever it used to be called and I feel a strong need to test it out again…

Wouldn’t this photo be so much cooler as an animated, interactive webpage? Yes, I think so, too.

I will keep you posted.

I found Another Bus!!

Vision Board photo of front of bus

Found this beauty just sitting there, waiting for me beside the ballpark while I was out running the Kaylee-Dog. In the video following, please notice especially, the fabulous cutaway to the faux fur trim of my hood, as I whip the camera over my shoulder in a smooth-as-silk manoeuvre to catch the rear of the bus as I’m walking away. Now if that’s not artsy-fartsy I don’t know what is. I did eventually either catch on or at least decide to go for a more direct angle. It’s a painfully long wait while the viewer is expected to appreciate the furry-yet-sharp focus on that trim, unfortunately. I could’ve edited it out, yes. I didn’t, though. Continue reading “I found Another Bus!!”

Happy Little Pot Plants…

Close-up of a mixed garden salad in a bowl, with a forkful ready to lift out.

See the salad my kid made me for dinner? I’m very grateful Ky came home (almost a year ago, holy shit!), or I wouldn’t get fresh and healthy food just handed to me every day, for no reason, other than she was making it anyway. Having meals made for me leaves me with more time to grow weed, so yeah, I’m grateful. 🤣

Two pot plants growing in pots in a greenhouse.
My two happy, young pot plants!
As promised, the other day, enjoy this pic (or laugh at it, if you’re a better pot farmer than I) of my two very legal marijuana plants growing in my itsy-bitsy greenhouse. They seem to be doing alright, considering I’m treating them like houseplants that I don’t really know how to raise…
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