Happy 2021!! [[[steps over the threshold with real fear]]]

Author Les Becker sitting in her greenhouse on New Year's morning, 2021.
I love sitting out here to drink my morning coffee!
Happy New Year! It’s a little scary, looking at a brand new, fresh and unmarked as-of-yet year, and knowing that it could very well be even more frightening than 2020.

Now that was certainly a year for the books! It started badly, got steadily worse (and in a hurry, too), and we ended it on a worse note, with an oddly hopeful tone to it. Lots of ways things can go, huh? My biggest concern is, of course, the direction the pandemic will turn. I think I may just continue to self-isolate and bubble up with my family, at least for the course of the winter…

And I do have the greenhouse to squat down in while I drink my first cup of coffee in 2021, have my first conversation with my babies growing out here, and be grateful… for the roof over my head, my family close by, and more than enough money to feed and entertain myself throughout the next few darkish months.

Grow bag with four potato plants sprouting from the top
They’re growing! One more roll of the bag should do it!…
The potatoes appear to be “potatoeing”. I think I’ll hill them one more time, and the bag will be rolled up to it’s highest level. If it works as well as it did outside in the parking lot, I’ll be harvesting at least a dozen potatoes in about four months… just shy of the time I’ll be able to set out another four bags, say in early June… followed by four more bags in July. If all are successful, it’s possible that we will have enough potatoes to get us through most of next winter.

Planting pea plants in a pot to grow in the greenhouse
3 Pea seeds planted!
I planted more peas today, too. I’ve got this pot set beside the potato bag, not quite in the heat of the greenhouse, but around the corner in the little divot that was once my kitchenette counter area pre-Reno from Hell. I’ve never had luck in the past growing peas inside – the greenhouse is too hot, I think, and I don’t know why that is, as it gets plenty hot outside in summer, and I have no trouble growing peas then… And pole beans seem to grow fine in the greenhouse – why won’t my peas?!

I have other – much happier “houseplants” growing too – they’re legal to grow here, now (I have two of a 4-plant legal limit) – and I’m going to show them off. Perhaps some gardener that knows what they’re doing can tell me if they will produce anything worthwhile… I’ll grab some pics in the next couple of days and post them.

Anyway… Happy First steps into 2021, folks! May the year see you prosper, live in abundance and happiness, and fill your heart with gratitude.

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