Happy Little Pot Plants…

See the salad my kid made me for dinner? I’m very grateful Ky came home (almost a year ago, holy shit!), or I wouldn’t get fresh and healthy food just handed to me every day, for no reason, other than she was making it anyway. Having meals made for me leaves me with more time to grow weed, so yeah, I’m grateful. 🤣

Two pot plants growing in pots in a greenhouse.
My two happy, young pot plants!
As promised, the other day, enjoy this pic (or laugh at it, if you’re a better pot farmer than I) of my two very legal marijuana plants growing in my itsy-bitsy greenhouse. They seem to be doing alright, considering I’m treating them like houseplants that I don’t really know how to raise…

I spend a lot of time googling how to grow pot in pots (har-har), and it all seems incredibly complicated to me. Grow tents, and 12-hour on/12-hour off lights (but only for a short window, then switch the light ratio!!!) misting vs not-misting, trimming, feeding… so I give up, ask them what they want, and they seem to answer me with, “We’re good… just …. whatever, man.” So, as per usual, I’m just flying by the seat of my pants. I imagine I will grow what we called “ditch-weed” back in the 80s… but if I recall correctly, and that’s always debatable, ditch-weed was certainly better than no weed.

Close-up of top of pot plant.
See how happy this guy looks?!
I will continue to keep you posted on the progress of my happy plants, though… I may just end up raising huge and gorgeous “trees” that may or may not produce fruit, but live for years and become cherished friends…. Or, I’ll grow passable grass, my currently happy plants will fade delicately away, and I’ll still call it a win.

Pot-bound roots of spider plant in need of a larger pot.
Ouch! Ouch, ouch, ouch!!
This poor thing, on the other hand has been sorely neglected and I only noticed when I saw its roots growing through the holes in the bottom of the pot and down though the bars of the metal-grating shelf that the plant sat on.

Spider plants around here seem to think they live in the jungle and must excel to the point that I can’t keep up with them. They tend to proliferate and I can’t seem to even give them away. WHO WANTS SPIDER-PLANTS?? FREE AND FOR NOTHING – TAKE ‘EM OFF MY HANDS! Meantime, I’ll pot this one up in a bigger pot and try to find a place to put it…

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