Too Much To Do!

Is it Any Wonder I’m Pulling My Hair Out!?

I’m again doing so many things at once that nothing else is getting done. Yes, I know how that sounds, but it actually makes sense when you have a very definitive line drawn between life online and life off of it. One side always suffers.

I’m relearning forgotten

blog skills, which is a lot of fun, but it’s frustrating, as well, because so much has changed. I’ve managed to regenerate the broken blog and in the process, I discovered that even though not everything was lost in the breaking of it, all the components ended up in several different places.

Actually those components always were in several different places, but when it was running well, the Blog Brain knew where those places were and could communicate with them. After everything went to shit and then I managed to resurrect it all, there was a communication break down.

Blog Brain Damage.

The biggest problem with the resurrection has been that a lot of my photos aren’t showing up where they’re supposed to. By “a lot”, I mean hundreds.

I know where the photos are – and so does the Blog Brain, but the Blog Brain can’t prove it to me, you, or the blogosphere.

Me: Why aren’t you showing that photo on this post?!

Blog Brain: Dunno.

Me: (checks URL pointiness) But you know where it is! You’re pointing right at it!

Blog Brain: Yup.

Me: Why aren’t you showing it to all the people then?!

Blog Brain: Dunno.

Me: FUCK!!!

Blog Brain: Yup.

Me: Well, what do I have to do to fix this?!

Blog Brain: That I do know… Pull the pic from there, reupload it to here (which will just ghost it back to where it already is now) and the system will retell me where it was/still is. Then I will show it to the people.

Me: That will take me three extra and what should be unnecessary steps to fix what should not be broken to begin with. PER BROKEN BLOGPOST!!

Blog Brain: Yup.

Me: FUCK!!!

Blog Brain: Yup.


Blog Brain: OR…. you could quit wasting time “fixing” old shit and just write new shit.

Me: …. No, I can’t do that. I have to do it ALL.

Blog Brain: And you say my brain is broken…

Me: Fuck off.

Blog Brain: Just sayin’…

So, this is where I’m at… glued to the computer, rebuilding shit which should not need rebuilding, and writing new and as yet unbroken shit (just wait, though), and redesigning this space – and breaking it in the process, you know, just so I can spend even more time fixing that
and all the while the laundry is piling up, the animal hair is rolling through the apartment like tumbleweeds, I’m drinking out of a dirty coffee mug, and most days I don’t put pants on at all until early evening when I run the dog. If I run the dog.

Blog Life is becoming familiar and smooooooooth again – bald spots and all – but Real Life is just as smackarooed as ever it was. 😡

Random Song-for-the-Day:
Uptown Girl – Billy Joel

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