Post Office Wants to Bring Back Pen Pals!

I’m excited about this! Check out this Sootoday article concerning Canada Post…

Photo of excerpt of news article on
Click the pic to read the full article on Sootoday.

Why would this news excite me? Well, one reason is

that aside from having fond memories of getting postcards and letters in the mail from the time I was a small child, right up to my early 20s when I eventually lost touch with my last pen pal through address changes on both our parts, I want to flex that personal-communication-through-archaic-writing-instruments muscle enough to develop the habit again. I’ve become lax enough that when I do get a letter in the mail – stress on letter; not “bill” – I excitedly read it, excitedly re-read it, excitedly begin my response, and then I get interrupted, set my reply down somewhere, forget about it, and then lose it, only to discover it years later. I embarrass myself.

Is it any wonder nobody wants to write to me anymore?

The second reason Canada Post’s bright idea excites me is that I *also* manufacture postcards and greeting cards! Well, actually, I just design them and make them available for print-on-demand at one of my outlet stores. Check this out…

Aaaaaaaannnnnndddddd I’ve been considering adding handmade paper/cards/postcards to my handcrafted repertoire, so this gives me a little more incentive.

My Facebook account will be shut down in a few short days (for my own damned good, too) and I have a friend that I communicate now and again with there that I once had a regular snail-mail back-and-forth with… I miss that. I’m also of the mind that she might not be one that comes to visit the blog very often, so that may just be my biggest push to start writing letters again.

I realize this chatty little push to sell my own merchandise might just backfire on me – I could very well end up being my own best customer – but if it moves my ass to rekindle some old friendships in a new old-fashioned way, well, I guess that’s reason enough to buy up my own profit margins.

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