Today’s the Day!

I’m done with Facebook - it sucked so much time out of my day that there wasn’t any room left for anything else. I fought starting a Facebook account because I just didn’t want to believe that it was going to be so popular that all my blog friends would embrace the shiny new thing and abandon their online spaces to die.

They did, though, and I finally

succumbed to the shiny new thing myself, in December of 2009… and I eventually got so sucked in that I quit Tweeting and then quit blogging and then I kinda quit writing anything else altogether.

Today is The Day, though. Facebook account deactivated. The Late Bloomer Blog resurrected. The Zen of Sweeping and The Restaurant, the Romance & the Speakeasy back on my writing calendar again.

I don’t know if I’ll consider 2021 to have been “My Year” come December 31st… but I intend on being able to say irrevocably that it was a better one.

Now I gotta go find out if my subscription software works… wish me luck!

Random Song-for-the-Post: Sleeping with the Television On – Billy Joel

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