The “Accountability” Post – March 1-5, 2021

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I quit using Facebook in order to single-handedly resurrect the Blogosphere. I was pleased to discover during this first week of March 2021, that some die-hards are still out there. I`m going to build my blog roll back up and start rekindling old relationships.

I`ve started putting the Gift Shop store-front back up. It will show the hand-crafted products that I sell, as well as give access to any original patterns downloads. They`ll sell for 99 cents a pattern (plus applicable tax, yada yada), but all downloads will be free for

newsletter subscribers.

The newsletter will be available for free, and subscribing will get you a weekly rundown of posts posted, videos videoed, audio audioed, as well as photos of my latest projects – including books published. Since I`m all over the place, creatively speaking, there are a bunch of different writing projects that I`ve got going at once, and as usual, I`m having trouble prioritizing them. This is my attempted focus for the coming week.

The Late Bloomer Blog – posts as close to every second day as possible – these would fall under the Urban Homesteading, Little Bits of Stupid, Landlady, Father Chronicles, and Oh! Mother categories. I may throw in a little “Real Life” once in a while if that’s okay.

Fiction Writing – I have a few projects that I’m working on… The Restaurant, the Romance & the Speakeasy is the one I’m supposed to be focused on, but I’ve been leaning into The Cruise more often lately. This is the first in a several-volumes series in the drama/horror/apocalypse genres.

I’ve also been toying with the idea of doing a fast and dirty re-edit of Magic, an old romance attempt in novella format, just to get it out there. I mean, why not? Anybody wanna read a one-off romance with a bunch of Les-esque one-liners thrown in for good measure? Let me know in the comments… (Psst! There’s a comment form at the bottom of this post… say something; I’m giving up on you.)

Meantime, I spent a lot of hours last week rebuilding old posts and drafts from back-in-the-day. The blog has been my on-and-off pet project since I began it back in 2005, but there are gaps. So, every day, I climb into my time machine and go back and attempt to fill those gaps in. Eventually, I’ll be done. Eventually.

I’ve been dismayed to find out I had to relearn how to fix things on WordPress. Every time something changes, something else goes down. Good thing I love a challenge!

My plan is to put up at least an article a week at The Zen of Sweeping on Medium. These articles will cover self-development, and coping mechanisms I’ve been using to circumvent the worst of Asbergers…

As far as any “handiwork”, well, I’ve been slacking. I do have this “Sunrise” afghan, hand-crocheted going up for sale through the Gift Shop storefront, along with the original pdf pattern available as a 99-cent download (free for Late Bloomer Newsletter subscribers).

Photo of "Sunrise" Afghan, by Les Becker, draped over a chair with Fort Creek in the background

So my current handcrafted focus is on a new afghan – this one is from a purchased pattern, and I’ll be posting pics over the next couple of day. It’s nearly ready to be put together!

I’ve been toying with the idea of an Etsy store… anybody wanna kick in their opinion of Etsy for me – I’ll take all the advice I can get, whether you’re a shopper, a craftsperson, or both.

And then there is the grand “It’s-been-5-Days-and-I-miss-Facebook” revelation… Today is my sister’s birthday, so I called her, but I miss her Facebook posts, and I want to crawl out of hibernation long enough to wish her a Happy Birthday on her favourite social media platform.

So… I’m going to post on Facebook once a week, (likely a flurry of posts…? Maybe I can just catch everybody up at once.) And I’m going to visit all my FB friends and comment and comment and comment. 😉

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