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Map of dog-walking route on March 8, 2021, using google images and "Map my walk" app.I’ve been using the “Map My Walk” app of late, to see the maps of where Kaylee and I go every day. I’ll likely not bother for long, as truthfully, it’s usually

the same route every day, with us sometimes adding an extra block or two now and again when the dog seems to have a little extra energy. She’s getting on in years, and it’s beginning to show. 😢

2 Yellow lawn chairs on tiny balcony at top of 3 storey house.Today, she wanted the extra block, and I was glad she did when we came across this house with the daredevil lawn chairs on the third-floor balcony. Sights like this just make my day “funner”, and who couldn’t use a funner day in the middle of a pandemic? There ya go. Your day just got funner, too, for having seen them.

Street signs at 3-way intersection in residential neighbourhood of sault ste. marie, ontario CANADA. Birch St.Mary's and Maple Streets.I had to include this signpost pic of my west-end neighbourhood, because there are many of these M*A*S*H*-like signposts here in the Sault, and it’s just one of the “small-Town-y” things I love about here. Also, now you know where the newest Sault Ste. Marie poles have been erected, and that’s important to know.

Telephone or electricity poles lying on the ground before being installed.
These poles, specifically, which are much longer lying down than they appear to be once they’re standing up. I’m not sure why the length of telephone/electricity poles interests me, but it does – so much so, that I also made a video, and you should watch that, too.

See? Interesting.

And in other news…

I repotted this little pepper plant – it will go outside after May 24th.

The tomato that Claudine gave me is busting out all over with buds. Tomato plants are so pretty!

Marijuana buds on plant

Then again, pot plants are pretty, too…

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