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Who’s Watchin’ the Kid?

I just love the sequence of events that seem to play out in this slideshow. Uncle Dodo really only appears to be oblivious.

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It Was a Good Day, Full of Ducks…


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Breakfast for Two…

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I Know Why Spring is Late…

I believe I may owe Sault Ste. Marie an apology… I’ve concluded that we are still experiencing winter in April because Kaylee loves snow more than just about anything else. I should never have allowed her to watch “The Secret” (and since she’s obviously running the Universe now, I wish she loved money this much).

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The 2nd Annual Square One Block Party

It’s the 2nd Annual Square One Block Party!!!

Case’s Music on Queen St. hosted the 2nd Annual Queen St. Block Party this weekend. I didn’t get to see it all – I was hampered by a 2 hour parking limit with a 15 minute walk to and from the event from the van.

Are the days of The Walk-About gone? God, I hope not – those were the best times for photos. I think I got some of my best shots on the way to events, never mind at the events.

Anyway, here’s what I caught…

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The “Edible – Maybe” Slideshow

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Just Like the Movies – Regina Spektor”