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Escape Attempt

"Escape Attempt"Taken October 9, 2007 with Canon PowerShot A550
“Escape Attempt”
Taken October 9, 2007 with Canon PowerShot A550

I took this yesterday, on my way back from my morning at the new J.O.B. This is a government contracted J.O.B., and the contract hasn’t yet been “officially” approved, so I haven’t “officially” started, but I went in to do orientation and help out a little in the office. I’m going to like it, I think, for as long as it lasts…

I’m worried, though. I didn’t go in this morning, although I had planned to, because I still have clean-up left to do with the very, very, final, last, finish-it-off finally course for school, and I’ve been putting it off. And I sat here all day, surfing, and didn’t even log-in to the assignments.

I haven’t worked on the very, very, final, last, finish-it-off finally “Ruby” story installment, either. It’s almost finished, but I just can’t seem to bring myself to get to it.

I’m also supposed to be re-vamping my resume (this J.O.B. is temporary – I am to continue looking for permanent employment in my “field”, such as it is). I haven’t even opened the file.

This is not helping me get to the next part of the best part – the shiny new life I’ve got planned for myself. I can’t quite seem to kick-start myself over the last few vestiges of the broken bits of the old one. As usual, I am my own worst enemy.

I kind of feel a little like I imagine the berry bush in this picture must feel; as if I’m almost through to someplace bigger and brighter, but my roots keep me stuck on the other side of the fence.

Not-So-Random Song for the Day: “We’ve Gotta Get Out of This Place” – The Animals

Real Life Wasted Time...

Metaphorically Speaking….

Something came along/happened/was said that slammed me back about six years. I’m kind of in a box now, and I haven’t slept very much since.

I have things that need to be figured out and I haven’t got a clue how to go about it. I know this will somehow “work itself out”, as my mom is wont to say, but that only makes me feel like I’m not the one in control of my own damned life (what else is new?), and since I have discovered that there really is no such thing as God, it’s that much more depressing to realize that if I’m not in control, it’s all just up to chance, after all.

What a waste of years, in other words.

Not-So-Random Song for the Day: “All Those Yesterdays” – Pearl Jam

Video... Wasted Time...

On Having Too Much Time on One’s Hands…


Okay, so I’m all for neat tricks and all, but really…. Why?!

Note: This video has been replaced, since the original link is now broken. Times mentioned in the comments now make no sense. Sorry…

Real Life School Wasted Time...

Aaaack! Aaaack! Aaaack! Aaaack! Aaaack!

Yes, that’s me screaming.

I’ve lost all capability of scheduling my time. At the worst possible time, too.

I have several articles started; some being flashes of absolute brilliance that I was bright enough to jot down into notepad while still blinded by the brilliance. Of course, on second, sober, daylight read-through, I realize that my “brilliant flashes” closely resemble a drunken rant. I could deal with that if I had been drunk.

Oh, yeah. And it looks like I’m going back to school. I have a meeting about that this afternoon, and I can’t even seem to schedule a shower in before leaving.

I need a PA for my personal life, never mind this sitcom production. I don’t suppose there is a bored, independently wealthy (’cuz I can’t pay you), non-dangerous wack-job out there that would like to become my right arm and day-planner? Anybody?

Blog-Family Little Bits of Stupid Movie Mentions Wasted Time...

Thanks, Bastard Who Sent Me This Meme. Thanks A LOT.

Here we go folks… sigh…*

‘Tis the Season to be Meme-ing…

5 things in my fridge.

1. An odd smell…
2. Cheese.
3. Three containers of mostly full margarine.
4. “A macaroni & cheese casserole that turned into a science experiment several weeks ago.”
Is that what that was…? I feel sick…
5. Lightbulb. (aside from the burnt out one that I can’t get unscrewed, that is.) It’s the replacement, left there in disgust when the old one wouldn’t come out. And because we all know that light bulbs stored in the fridge last longer. Or is that pantyhose…?

5 Items in my closet

1. I.
2. Don’t.
3. Have.
4. A.
5. Closet.

How much does that suck?!

5 items in my car (If I had a car to put five items in… bearing in mind that if I ever have a car, it will have to be big enough for a minibar…)

1. Built-in computer networked to my building with state-of-the-art ultraspeed satellite internet. (Duh.)
2. My chauffeur. Somebody’s gotta drive.
3. My bartender. Somebody’s gotta mix the drinks.
4. My kid. Because she’s cool and I like hangin’ out with her.
5. Either Ellen DeGeneres (who would be telling me how glad she was she gave me that camera after all), or Val Kilmer (who would be signing my contract – Come on, Val… you know you want to…). Screw it, it’s my car; they can both come as long as they don’t bicker.

5 items in my purse (I don’t carry a purse – so I’ll use the pockets of my cargoes)
1. Keys. In case they lock me out.
2. My hanky.
3. My cigarettes. I’m sorry, okay?
4. My digital camera.
5. My cell phone. ‘Cause we all know I’m gonna get lost.

And as amended: (or perhaps, more justifiably, in retribution:)

5 ways to leave your lover
1. In court.
2. In tears.
3. In pain.
4. In jail.
5. In traction.

I’m tagging these favourites (apologies all around):

1. Suzi, of I’ll Tell You What It Shwaz, which sucks for her because she’s right in the middle of a big pile of “busy” right now… Sorry, Suzi. Well, sort of sorry…
2. Bonanza Jellybean, back “fresh” from the horse show.
3. Deni, The Last Girl on Earth, just ‘cuz I’m dying to know what a professional musician from New York City has in her fridge…
4. Julie, of Julie Goes to Hollywood fame, just ‘cuz I’m dying to know what a professional screenwriter in Hollywood has in her fridge… Does she have a fridge, and does she even need one, she of the Hollywood Power Lunch/Dinner/Drinks Meeting? (Damn, but I’m jealous…)
5. Val Kilmer, of The Salton Sea, because if he’s gonna ride in my car, dammit, he’s darn well gonna pay for it somehow!

Little Bits of Stupid Wasted Time...

The “Les Wants” Google Search


Here we go again… Remember the “Les Needs” Google Search? Well, someone found my blog by searching for that phrase again, and I decided to find out what I want, this time. Here are the top 25 search results that could be chopped and still make sense… well, nonsense. Whatever.

This is what I want:

1. Les wants more
2. Les wants a pig as a pet
3. LES wants the NRC to rule on
4. LES wants to help you save even more
5. Les wants to go to Houston to be a sports announcer
6. Les wants you to marry h(er)
7. LES wants to build a uranium enrichment plant along the New Mexico-Texas border
8. LES wants to clearly understand your background and work history
9. LES wants to permanently close the only road
10. LES wants a short and predictable licensing process
11. Les wants to do more
12. LES wants DoE to accept tails
13. Les wants to play games with you
14. Les wants to be more
15. Les wants to be a mentor
16. Les wants to make a salad
17. les wants it
18. Les wants to stop living the life (of) a lonely widower
19. LES wants to produce nuclear fuel
20. LES wants to build a $1.2 billion factory
21. Les wants to protect the Feudal lords
22. Les wants a cut of h(er) family wealth
23. Les wants to test the effects of excess carbon dioxide
24. Les wants a voucher
25. Les wants to swap h(er) cheesy image

Like I don’t have enough to do, already!

Wasted Time...

I am Truly Ashamed…

They’re gonna kick me outta Canada…

A friend of mine emailed this link to me: The Globe and Mail Canada Quiz 2005

It’s a “test”. How much do YOU know about Canada? I thought, “Hey, this is cool! I wonder how my Asian/British/American Imaginary Friends will do on this?”

And then I took the test…

Let’s just say my score was equivalent to Bad Canadian! Bad! Bad!

I hope all my Non-Canuckian buddies do worse. For my sake, at least…

Little Bits of Stupid Wasted Time...

According to Google, “100 Things Les Needs” are:

Les Becker, July 20051. Les needs good public relations

2. Les needs the same information a simple client would need…

3. Les needs to be reviewed and verified.

4. Les needs federal approval from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission…

5. Les needs to be run with proper user.

6. Les needs to raise a minimum of £2000.

7. LES needs your help in maintaining the reliability of the electrical system

8. LES needs to replace faculty who have retired or are retiring

9. Les needs to take a long look in the mirror.

10. Les needs parent foster care.

11. Les needs to be flown in by helicopter.

12. Les needs an income while [s]he is getting the credentials.

13. LES needs you to participate, or we will cut the program short!

14. LES needs it.

15. what LES needs is some tea rooms like they have in Vancouver and Amsterdam.

16. Les needs to be investigated by the Alcohol Beverage Control.

17. Les needs a wide variety of things.

18. LES needs work.

19. Les Needs to Know.

20. LES needs to include the physical processes.

21. Les needs your advice.

22. Les needs functional, complicated underwater housing.

23. Les needs to oil the Chenbot more regularly.

24. Les needs to get some idea of how many people plan to come.

25. Les needs 81.

26. Les needs a date.

27. “Les Needs More”

28. Les needs a rest.

29. Les needs to read Reforming Project Management more often

30. Les needs this as soon as possible.


32. Les needs feedback from people in positions

33. Les needs to get an idea of interested parties.

34. Les needs less, we need more!

35. Les, Needs Timing Chain.

36. Les needs that ASWA satpic stuff like now!!

37. Les needs to suck it up

38. LES needs to obtain a “substantive commitment”

39. Les needs to take some credit.

30. ‘Les needs help’

31. Les needs strong men to help check the permit numbers.

32. LES needs to include a contingency factor

33. Les needs money to make phone calls, send letters and buy personal necessities.

34. Les needs to hook up again with Mr. Rollins.

35. Les needs to know what the 60-amps is used for and whether the booth needs to be hardwired or has a 3-prong connection.

36. Les needs to increase my upload file size limits, please

37. Les needs a “refresher” trip to the USA

38. Les needs to take into account both conduction and convection

39. Les needs to prepare drawings that we can show people

40. LES needs spatial filtering

41. Les needs all the help [s]he can get

42. Les needs update

43. LES needs.

44. Les needs to take direct action

45. Les needs. to . be added in chapter VIII.

46. Les , needs , practices and. understandings

47. Les needs to build a stage and a pole for Shirley.

48. LES needs only a “plausible strategy”

49. Les needs to be released dependent

50. Les needs to cleanse [her]self inside out with holy water

51. Les needs your information regarding the walk for the website.

52. Les needs to relinquish …

53. Les needs a new name

54. Les needs de Mongolo

55. Les needs to be handled by the server.

56. (LES) needs to be solved,

57. Les needs a mount

58. LES needs. to address, for example pursuant to a section 57 direction. …

59. Les needs the extra oomph on stage

60. Les needs only. be applied to entities

61. Les needs to go from a distance

62. Les needs to contact Eirwen Godden to see if any more funding available

63. Les needs no introduction …

64. Les needs to retire and go golf or something.

65. Les needs to change things

66. LES needs a groundwater-discharge permit

67. Les needs a couple more volunteers

68. Les needs to collect some money

69. Les needs a good slap tho

70. LES needs to be returned by this date

71. LES needs to come in direct contact with something acidic

72. Les needs a complete year

73. Les needs games

74. Les needs to go in the room of mirrors.

75. Les needs to go looking for something special

76. Les needs….. A BIGGER HARD DRIVE

77. Les needs to lose x amount of fat

78. Les needs to toughen up a bit.

79. Les needs to revive Friday night Hooters.

80. Les needs a lot of clues it would seem.

81. Les needs to shut up, play bass, and let someone else sing for a change

82. Les needs to dump them.

83. Les needs to do good on these claims

84. Les needs to represent

85. Les needs to let out the leash

86. Les needs to make a visit to this post.

87. Les needs to think about it

88. LES needs a pH of less a 3 in the stomach

89. Les needs to find a good DC soon.

90. Les needs cosmos pizza

91. Les needs to get some advice from Eddie on how to help

92. Les needs to test a soft “m” shaped end.

93. Les needs quick cash advance

94. Les needs a faster computer

95. LES needs to look at this man as being the perpetrator.

96. LES needs to process

97. Les needs a loyal gay male friend.

98. Les needs one!!!!!

99. Les needs to quit moonlighting.

….and the BIG ONE…..

100. Les needs something else to do.

This one came from Suzi, but I kind of went overboard with it…

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Pure Morning” – Placebo