101 Things in 1001 Days

EDIT ALERT: This post was edited on November 28, 2020 – over a decade after I wrote it, and then forgot about it – because, well, Wow! It’s definitely time to write a new list. Maybe one that I won’t forget about…  Edits are green.

When I first learned of “101 Things in 1001 Days”, and began my list, getting my driver’s license was going to be listed at #1. Even though I didn’t plan on actually beginning the 101 Things project until January 1st, 2008, and had begun taking the first few steps toward the license in October of 2007, I estimated that I wouldn’t be holding that coveted piece of plastic in my hot little hands until sometime the following March.

Imagine the “Happy Dance” (yes, right in the government licensing office) when I was handed my freedom on December 14th, at least three months early! ! ! ! ! !

Anyhoo… Getting that driver’s license was going to be #1 on my list. I played with the idea of leaving it on the list, just so I could stroke it off. Then it occurred to me that, hell, I can now just add another dream, can’t I? So I did.

My list isn’t really in any particular order – I would spend way too much time writing and rewriting it trying to figure out which to do first. The schedule will be built in the process. For all I know, the list may change during the next 1001 days, too – I intend to be flexible, in order to accommodate my biggest epiphany of probably thousands experienced just in the last half of 2007 alone: Every time I take a step in the direction I want to be moving my life in (I won’t say “toward” any longer – I am already living it – I have stopped pretending to myself that it somehow hasn’t started yet), so many more doors open, and so many more opportunities present themselves, that I may discover that some of the things that are important to me now end up being shelved because they just don’t apply anymore. “It is not the Destination, but the Journey.”

As I write this, my list is not complete. I’ll be filling in the rest of it as I go, I guess, and those that I complete will become links to the done deed. It’s going to be a very exciting almost-three years.

1. Meet the Blog-Family, one member at a time.
      Well, I met *one*, anyway… You can read about that in this post.
2. Learn how to use the software purchased for The Great & Secret Dream from Waaay Back.
3. Turn the Great & Secret Dream from Waaay Back into 12 Finally Finished Products.
4. Sell as many of the above as I can.
5. Finish “The Waitress, the Whiskey and the Handcuffs”.   I DID! I DID! I DID finish it! I even published it (if you really want to make my day, you can buy it here)!

6. Finish the final draft of “Magic”.  I finished it. I scrapped it. I cried over it. I re-edited it. Scrapped it. I should find it and re-edit it. Or just cry now.
7. Win the 2008 NaNoWriMo.
8. Build the flash slideshows for Photo-Play.   Been there; done that. Then flash just kinda… petered out…
9. Rebuild the Les Becker Splash with a Flash interface.  Yeah, same.
10. Buy/lease my groovy-cool truck.  Or an ancient mini-van, why not?
11. Buy/lease my freaky-deaky trailer.
12. Take The Turkey to visit my childhood.  That would be Teeny-Tiny Town, and we got there a LOT.
13. Take The Turkey to visit Un-Brother Ken in Manitoba.
14. Take The Turkey to visit Big Sis.
15. Take The Turkey camping.
16. Get The Turkey her Scuba Diving lessons. (Me too, even!)
17. Learn how to rock climb without killing myself.
18. Get over The Fear of Flying/Crashing. In other words – FLY SOMEWHERE.  Yup! Did that!
19. Stand in front of the ocean. Any ocean. ALL the oceans.
20. Take a train trip.
21. Organize my list of writing projects and get a schedule together.
22. Buy some snowshoes. It’s been too long.
23. Quit smoking. Again. This time don’t start.
24. Get back into a regular work-out schedule (join the Y maybe?).
25. Buy a really fabulous digital SLR.
26. Visit Mexico.
27. Learn Spanish.
28. Take a trip with The Fly-Girl, The Hummingbird, and The Turkey – how cool would that be?!
29. Take Slappy’s advice and buy The Turkey a driving wheel/game combo so she can practice.
30. Take up ballroom dancing.
31. Get a new laptop – I want a RuffPC this time.
32. Buy an external harddrive to store all my photos on.
33. Buy the largest capacity thumb drive I can find and build my “Portable Office”.
34. Reorganize the sidebar Where the Walls are Soft.
35. White Papers Project.
36. Flash Adventure Project ready for public consumption (it will likely be several years before it can be called “finished”).
37. Build up my freelance article portfolio.
38. Write a project plan for the e-mag idea.
39. Write a project plan for the Brightcove project.
40. Go through the affiliates list and get rid of as many of them as possible.
41. Paint the kitchen.
42. Replace my stove element.
43. Rewrite “Standing Still”.
44. Finish the first draft of “Billy the Jerk”.
45. Talk to Rhea about that agent.
46. Go to Winterlude in Ottawa.
47. Go to Mardis Gras in New Orleans.
48. Spend more time at Digital Nomads . Ask questions. Get dirty. Learn stuff.
49. Buy a digital reader (must read pdf files!).
50. Shake Kevin Smith’s hand.
51. Get addicted to ‘Spa Days’ with The Turkey.
52. Tame the Paper Tiger, once and for all.

I think it really sucks that I could only think of 52 out of 101 things to do in 1001 days.  Just sayin’.