The Bike-About! (And the “Get-Off-the-Bike-and-Walk-About”…)

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Yesterday, I had a perfect day. First off, we got some fun video of Ky getting her ears pierced (see entry below). There weren’t near enough tears to suit me, but since it was her day with her sister, I guess that was fair enough.

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Marketing My Kid – Hey! Everybody Helps Out Around Here…





More “People” buttons in the making! Yes, that’s right, folks – I have hired my own child for unpaid slave labour to help market this sitcom production. One of the above photos will be come Kyla’s HPB “People” button at the Flash site – the rest will be used on her brand new blog, which she has diced to call The Blog of Turkey.

Seriously, she chose this herself. The Turkey.

Check it out!

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Lets Get It Started” – The Black-Eyed Peas