It’s Never What You Expect, Is It?


Well, this was an odd day, to say the least…

It was to be my first day of school, and I was up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to be ready to make my appearance at 9:30. My “normal” school day will be from 9 am to 2 pm or so, but today I was slated for “Orientation”, which entailed signing the final contract, having my courses activated online, and learning how to log-in to the system.

I was there early, having had a nice “short” walk to somewhere for a change. Unfortunately, the director of the school was not there, my contract could not be found, and my courses could not be activated. I can’t log-in and do assignments, either, but I wasn’t expecting to be doing any actual work today, anyway.

I stayed for just under two hours before Jeff, the IT Guy, decided I might just as well go home and wait for a phone call. I did manage to get the outline for my first course, which is HTML Basics, and it’s about as basic as a course can get, I think. Three “lessons”, practical lectures, and web pages to create for each lesson’s assignment. I’ve gone through all the lessons, and done the practical lessons and web pages for Lesson 1. I can’t finish it, because there is an online quiz to do once I log-in.

I still have yet to receive a call from the director, but will go to school for 9 am tomorrow, whether I hear from her or not. I must say, this is the first time I showed up for school and a teacher was off playing hookey…

So I’ve decided to be what my peers in high school would have called a “Browner” (short for “Brown-Noser”; ewwww.) and work ahead in all the practicals and web page assignments, and see what happens from there. I’d say wish me luck, but this first course is embarrassingly “basic”, so I just want to get through it and go on to something interesting.

My course outline until August 31, 2007, when I will have all my certifications, is:

HTML Basics
Fundamentals of JavaScript
Dreamweaver Lvl 1
Dreamweaver Lvl 2
Flash Basics
Flash Experience
Adobe Illustrator
Fundamentals of JavaScript
(yes, I know this is here twice, and I don’t know why either,
but they are two different course lengths)
Web Design Lvl 1
Project Management Fundamentals
Marketing and Sales
Business Economics
Business Correspondence Lvl 2
Business Essentials
Business in the Electronic Age
Business Financial Management
Business Planning
Human Resource Management

This made-to-order conglomeration that we put together is called the Web/Graphics/Communication Mediums course. I’m not certain what we’ll call me when all is said and done, but I’m happy with the curriculum.

I’m really looking forward to the business and marketing courses, which are waiting for textbooks to ship, apparently, so it may be a few weeks before I can get to any of those.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go play with code…

The Pressure is Off…

Well, some of it, anyway. I had my interview with the Biggest Wig in the complicated trail of paper to apply to get these courses I want. It was a long and freaky-deaky time for me, waiting to find out if they would allow me to do this, because I wanted two different sets of courses, and I had to convince them that there was a correlation between the two that would make me a better candidate for entry level positions in the new career choice I’ve made.

My concern, and my advisor shared this with me, as did the registrar of the school I was vying for, was not that I would be flat-out turned down, but informed that I would have to choose one set or the other. And I couldn’t for the life of me decide which way to go. I wanted them both. And it was a loooooong wait for that phone call that would schedule the final interview.

I spent my time watching my kid play.

Space: The Latest Frontier

Kyla fell into her imagination again. It’s very cool when this happens. She drew the screen of a spacecraft on her chalkboard, and set up a control center with an old computer keyboard, bike parts, and a pilfered mic stand.

Check out the actually “shiftable” gear shift…

She went to some pretty neato places.

I got the chance to spend some decent time hanging out with her, too. We managed a few Walk-Abouts around town, and trips to visit Gramma and Grampa.

A “Back Lane” Walk About…

We decided to take my old familiar path to work, and got some nice views of the fall foliage.

My old “Day Job” route…

A favourite spot.

I have a winter picture of this exact spot somewhere. I shall have to do something creative with the two when I find the time to find it…

Ky and I also had a Walk-About down Queen Street, to kick through the leaves.


We both grew down a little bit for an hour or so…

I LOVE this photo! It was blind dumb luck that I got it at all, and I was NOT impressed that those rude people in the background did not have the sense to stay out of my frame.

So I disappeared them.

There are still blooming things in October…

Purple Flowers

I don’t know what they are, but they are still blooming, in spite of our decidedly Autumnal weather conditions…

I want a whole yard full of these some day…

I also spent much quality time getting to know the newest member of the family…

Meet “Scamp”.
He’s a brown rat. I call him “Fatso Ratso”, which Ky doesn’t like, but I notice she sometimes calls him that, too.

Hide & Seek

He likes to hang out at, on and in the couch. I allow this, because he has begun to bring up long lost treasures, like camera cables, and debit cards, although, I do have to fight him for them.

And then I got my call. The final step. Nice lady on the phone gives me the date and time for my interview. Another week away.


So, to make a long story a little shorter, I did all of the above all over again, with a couple of feeble attempts at doing laundry, dishes and general housework, and couple of “sickly” days thrown in to spice up the week…

And I start school Monday.

I win, I win, I win, I win, I win!!

I have such a cool list of courses, too, which I will elaborate on in the next few posts… But, right now, I’m going to sit down and gloat, and smile a lot.

Aaaack! Aaaack! Aaaack! Aaaack! Aaaack!

Yes, that’s me screaming.

I’ve lost all capability of scheduling my time. At the worst possible time, too.

I have several articles started; some being flashes of absolute brilliance that I was bright enough to jot down into notepad while still blinded by the brilliance. Of course, on second, sober, daylight read-through, I realize that my “brilliant flashes” closely resemble a drunken rant. I could deal with that if I had been drunk.

Oh, yeah. And it looks like I’m going back to school. I have a meeting about that this afternoon, and I can’t even seem to schedule a shower in before leaving.

I need a PA for my personal life, never mind this sitcom production. I don’t suppose there is a bored, independently wealthy (’cuz I can’t pay you), non-dangerous wack-job out there that would like to become my right arm and day-planner? Anybody?