A New Table to Sit At…

Posted by Les Becker on April 29, 2018 in The Landlady, Zenishness... |

I have kind of/sort of duplicated Ruby’s kitchen table, complete with space heater underneath, in my own small way. Ruby’s table was a safe space for me, and I miss it dreadfully. My table is much smaller, but I can feel her here in spirit, so I think it was a good idea, even if […]

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Rest in Peace, Ruby Daniel…

Posted by Les Becker on April 20, 2018 in R.I.P., The Landlady |

This is an incredibly sad day. I have lost a dear, dear friend, a wonderful lady that has supported me and all I do for the last 14 years. She held my hand when my father died, and my heart when my mother followed two years later. She became an adopted grandmother to my daughter […]

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Tired? I’m Not Tired, Oma!

Posted by Les Becker on March 24, 2018 in Kyla Becker, Oma-Hood, The Landlady, Video... |

They have arrived! Carson made himself right at home with the Cheerios… I don’t mind that so much – but he has learned to put his own boots on recently. He has also learned that Cheerios being squished under one’s boot makes a very satisfying, crunchy mess. While Mom went out on the town with […]

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Stories Beat a Movie Every Time…

Posted by Les Becker on September 22, 2014 in The Landlady |
Ice Cream

Sunday Dinner-and-a-Movie at Ruby’s last night was disrupted, interrupted and kerfluffled – but in the most fun possible way… It was my turn to cook. I made a rather passable broccoli and cheese stuffed meatloaf, served up with home-grown potatoes (that I growed my own self!) and a can of corn – I don’t grow […]

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Am I Smarter than a Potato?

Posted by Les Becker on September 16, 2014 in Gardening, Little Bits of Stupid, Tarmac Garden, The Landlady |

My big project for 2014 (aside from becoming “Independently Self-Sufficient”, that is) was to be able to feed the household without having to purchase any vegetable I could grow myself. Actually, the garden was a major part of the “Independently Self-Sufficient” plan – I just knew damned well that I could only just begin the […]

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Ruby’s Restaurant…

Posted by Les Becker on September 14, 2014 in Movie Mentions, The Landlady |
Traffic Jam!

This is what I get for complaining about losing against Ruby in cribbage. I don’t know where her luck (er… talent?) comes from, but after winning my second game in about 8 1/2 years (!!!) against her a couple of weeks ago, I was very disgruntled tonight to see that she’s back on her winning […]

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Darla’s Coin-Operated Refrigerator…

Posted by Les Becker on September 6, 2014 in The Landlady |
God's Railroad

September 6, 2014 Somewhere between Wawa and Hawk Junction is a little town called Magpie… Sometime during the 1930’s, Ruby’s sister Darla, and her husband Harry lived there. In fact, that’s where Ruby’s nephew Satch was born 78 years ago, and he still gets a kick out of telling people where he originated, since nobody’s […]



Posted by Les Becker on August 31, 2014 in The Landlady |

Ruby and I have been playing cribbage together since early in 2007. Usually she wins – lots of times I get skunked, and now and again she’s double-skunked me. I don’t know how many games we’ve played in all that time, but I know how many times I’ve beaten her. Twice. Twice. One of those […]

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Ruby Let Me Take a Photo!

Posted by Les Becker on May 18, 2014 in The Landlady |
Perogi Slipper

I know, I know – somewhat of a disappointment… but I should be grateful she let me take a picture at all. Tonight being Sunday, I popped over for dinner with Ruby around 5:30. It was her turn to cook, and she was a running “a little behind the times”, as she puts it. Her […]

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A Winter Dog Walk-About…

Posted by Les Becker on January 12, 2014 in Photography, The Landlady, The Walk-About |
Look at my butt!

There’s something wonderful about winter walks with the dog – especially on a Sunday afternoon, when it seems like no one else in the city is out and about. We almost always go to the same place every time – a field across from a ball diamond just a few blocks from home. We usually […]

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A Not-So-Phony $3 Bill…

Posted by Les Becker on February 11, 2013 in CANADA, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, The Landlady, Vicarious Tourism |
The Haweater $3 Bill

When Ruby ran a restaurant on The Manitoulin, the Tourist Association put out “The Haweater 3-Dollar Bill”. It was valid currency in most businesses, as well as every bank and credit union on the island. She doesn’t think it’s still in circulation now, but I think it was a really cool idea to keep visitors […]

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Some Things are Made to Be Destroyed…

Posted by Les Becker on May 20, 2011 in Artsy Fartsy, The Landlady |

This is a “pulled” or “drop-stitch” scarf. It’s knit on 4 needles and then, when binding off, every second stich is just dropped off the needle. Yank on it really hard, and it “pulls” down into a nice fluffy scarf. I made this at Ruby’s while were watching the Blue Jays play. Well… Ruby watches […]

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