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I Am the Night Stalker…

It’s been an interesting March, financially. I’ve replaced my full-time-with-part-time-hours-at-minimum-wage Day Job that I was laid off with in January with a part-time nicely over-minimum wage Night Job. I start orientation probably this coming Tuesday, and will be working 21 hours a week throughout the night stocking a large retail outlet. I’m actually looking forward to this job. This will be what keeps a roof over my head and pays down my debt.

The hours at a much higher hourly wage will likely be built into three shifts from 11-7 through the week. That leaves me four free days for other pursuits. So I added a couple of extra streams of income…

I’ve taken on two new service clients at $20 per hour each. The average appointment lasts two hours but a first appointment may be as long as 4. I worked for both new clients this past week and earned $120.00 for 6 hours work. The only catch to this type of service is that some clients don’t need the service weekly, which would be ideal for me. As it is, I can expect these two new clients to bring in about $80 every 3 weeks.

If I can bring in enough clients to fill in 5 weekly appointments at 2 hours each per day I would be bringing in $200.00 per week or $10500.00 annually, before taxes. That’s nearly my yearly expenses. So that’s my goal with this stream of income: padding my 2016 expenses account (Pre-paid Living!).

Both of these income earners are “Time for Money” trade-offs. They have a decent income but I have to actually be there and do the work. I need more passive income streams going…

I’ve also become a Jamberry Nails consultant, having been hypnotised into the endeavour by my daughter. I have just become active, so have not received any income through Jamberry yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing whether or not it will pay for my groceries every month. That’s my goal with it, anyhow.

I’ve also decided to get back into free-lance article writing… I have to actually write some articles and get some new clients in this one. Goal here? START.

I’m on top of my 52 Week Money Challenge – so far so good! I think I’m over my little blip of a financial crisis.