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Satch Is Rather Funny in his Own Right


Ruby’s nephew, Satch, is a lot like she is when it comes to being funny. Just like Ruby, he sometimes comes out with incredibly hilarious one-liners, and then wonders why everybody is laughing.

The last time I saw him, we got talking about Sudoku, and how it both fascinates me and frustrates me at the same time. Ruby won’t even attempt it. Satch, on the other hand, is fairly addicted. During the conversation, where he was trying to extol its merits to Ruby, and explain the fascination part to me at the same time, he made me laugh out loud by saying, “There’s ‘easy’, ‘medium’, and ‘hard’, and even the ‘medium’ is hard.”

When he and Ruby got talking baseball, though, that was all the cue I needed to beat a retreat. Ever since that time when I was a kid, and I got hit in the face with the ball and managed to hit myself in the head with the bat, all in the same play, I’ve considered baseball to be both a dangerous and a boring sport. Apparently, to think that way, you must be me. At least I am unique.

Anyway, as I was putting my shoes on to leave, Satch and Ruby got discussing a particularly tall player in the major league to whom some “rule” should not be applied, simply because of this player’s unfortunate (in this case, anyway) height.

And Satch said, “They keep striking him out below the knees. And it ain’t fair, ‘cuz his knees are way up to here!”

I think I was still laughing at that one when I unlocked my door.

Random Song for the Day: “Think I’m in Love” – Beck

One reply on “Satch Is Rather Funny in his Own Right”

You couldn’t have named a fictional funny nephew character with a better name than “Satch.” It fits so well!

I agree with you about baseball being boring. Dangerous? Not for most!

Les Says: No, “Satch” is the very real name of the very real nephew of the very real “Ruby”. I didn’t even have to come up with a “fictional” name for him, as he was first tagged with that one as a teenager – from the movie “The Bowery Boys” of 1954. In the movie, though, the name is spelled “Sach”. I like my spelling better.

Baseball IS definitely boring… and I have to assume still dangerous for me, at least, so I will continue to steer clear.

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