NewsFlash: Love Found on the Internet

Image: I Heart U
“I Heart U”
Taken July 13, 2008 with Canon PowerShot A550

No, not me, silly! Myself, I am quite content with singlehood, as of yet; it’s Ruby that told me this story, and isn’t it high time for another one from our favourite Little Old LandLady?

Yes. Yes, it is…

We were watching a ball game… the Jays were playing; Ruby’s favourite team, and for once they were actually winning while I was watching, which is unusual, because I generally jinx them into doing stupid things that cause them to lose the game…

During a lull, Ruby started to talk – took me a bit to realize she was speaking to me and not the umpire – my first clue should have been that she didn’t start the sentence with, “Idiot!!” (Ruby rarely calls me that).

“Remind me to tell you a story when we go back to the kitchen…”

Me: “Oooh! What kind of story?”

“It’s a cute story. Funny, but cute, I think.”

Me: “Yeah? Is it about you?”

“No. Shhhh, now!”

So, I had to shhh for about 15 minutes. I got up to get another cup of coffee. Ruby doesn’t drink coffee in her living room. She says she forgets about it, and it gets cold. Usually by the time she gets her coffee on baseball nights, there’s only enough for a 1/2 cup left, but she doesn’t seem to mind…

By the time I’d jinxed the Jays badly enough for Ruby to give up on them, I was wired on caffeine and worked up about the upcoming story…

Me: “So, give it up.”

Ruby laughed. “Well, like I say, it’s funny, but it’s cute. *I* think it’s cute, anyway…”

And then, of course, she took a long pause while she sloooooowly wandered around her kitchen, sloooooowly getting cream for her coffee, and sloooooowly adding the sweetener (after first discovering that her little sweetener container needed to be refilled and sloooooowly refilling it), and then sloooooowly stirring it all up…. I was ready to strangle her before she finally started to talk.

“Have you met my niece, Carol, yet?”

Me: “No, I don’t think so.”

“Well, Carol has a friend that lives in the middle of the bush somewhere down in Southern Ontario, I don’t know where for sure, but she doesn’t live there all year ’round, anymore. She comes and stays at Carol’s place in the winter. Her name is Dahlia.

And last winter, Dahlia got using the internet, and got herself into one of those chat rooms…”

Now, as we all know, Ruby does not like or trust the internet, and I was really surprised that she actually knew what a chat room was at all. So I waited for her to start shaking her head and talking about how Carol’s friend got herself into something she shouldn’t have, and wondered how this story was going to turn out funny or cute.

“And, of course, she met this guy…” Ruby chuckled again, and stirred her coffee some more, making me wait it out.

Me: “Uh-oh.”

Ruby laughed out loud. “I was thinking the same thing, when I heard about it! I guess she started chatting with this fella, and after awhile, he was the only fella she was chatting with… His name was George. Well, you can guess where this is going, can’t you?”

Me: “Yes, I can. She fell in love and ran off with him, didn’t she? Did he take her for her cabin in the woods and she ended up destitute?”

“Now, don’t go gettin’ ahead of me; you’ll ruin the story!”

So I shut up again.

“So, Dahlia and this fella started talking about meeting up, and I guess that’s when Dahlia got a little nervous about what she was doing, and she talked to Carol about it.

Carol read all the letters, or what-you-callems that they’d sent back and forth so far, and she told Dahlia that the fella seemed like he was on the up and up, but then again, who knows for sure? So, Dahlia decided to stick to chatting with him for a bit longer until she knew a little more.

After awhile, though, she decided to take a chance and meet with the guy. Carol said that Dahlia could tell him her address…”

Me: “WHAT?! You’re not SERIOUS!! OH. MY. GOD.”

Ruby laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

“That’s about what *I* said! Now, let me finish the story!

So, they set up a date and time that this George-fella was gonna come to town and visit Dahlia, and Dahlia got more and more nervous as the day got closer. If I’d been Carol, *I* woulda been the one that was nervous-”

Me: “Yeah, me too!”

“-but Carol didn’t let on that she was when she told me this, anyway.

So, anyway, the day comes, and Dahlia was so worked up that she darn near hit the ceiling when the doorbell rang. So it was Carol that answered the door.

And she took one look at the fella standing there, and said, ‘GEORGIE!! What are you doing in town?!’

It was my nephew, George, Carol’s cousin, standing there! At first, Carol didn’t put two and two together, figuring Georgie had just come to visit ‘cuz he happened to be in town… but, no, it turned out that OUR Georgie was DAHLIA’S George all along!

Me: “So did they hate each other?”

“NO, they didn’t hate each other! They got along just fine, and as far as I know, they’re still seeing one another. Turned into quite the match, I believe.”

Me: “Oh. So, then, he didn’t take her for her cabin in the woods and she ended up destitute?

“NO! Now you be nice, or I won’t let you blog this one!”

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Obla Di Obla Da” – The Beatles

13 Replies to “NewsFlash: Love Found on the Internet”

  1. I have to say [after hearing all the stories of 2nd daughter and her trials and tribulations on the net dating sites] I was expecting the guy to turn out to be either….older or younger than he said, married, psycotic, or monosyllabic.

    Good luck to Dahlia.

    Here from David’s POTD

    Les Says: Aha! I should have realized this was an influx from David’s site! I shall have to go and thank him…

    I’ll have to ask Ruby now and again how things are going with Georgie and Dahlia, and report back.

  2. Three years ago I met a man on the internet — much to my sister’s fright and despair. He flew 3000 miles to met me and my sister FORBID me to go to the airport. Since I was 47, that didn’t work too well. I went. He turned out to be so wonderful that I rearranged my life and moved to the other side of the ocean to be with him. We are still together and quite happy — and my sister likes him, too. Although she does keep asking me if I know how lucky I am — and the answer is yes, I do!

    Les Says: Holy shit! I never knew that about you, quilly! Then again, I guess I only follow you around all the comments’ sections of my Blog-Family, at that, so…

    Congrats on your Internet Love… you ARE very lucky!

  3. Oh! I wish your cousin and his lady much happiness!

    Les Says: Nay – RUBY’S nephew… CAROL’S cousin. I think. But I shall pass the good wishes along, regardless.

  4. What a fabulous post. Came over from David’s and so glad I did. I love these kinds of stories.

    Les Says: Ah, Grace – Thank you; that’s always good to hear. And there are many, many more Ruby stories where that one came from.

  5. You have such an eye for the photograph…nice shot, and the story was a gift from Ruby…tell’er thanks!

    Les Says: Why, thank you, Mushy! I like that one, too – just happened to have my head at the right angle when I spied the shadow.

    And I will relay your message in about 10 minutes’ time! 🙂

  6. I am over from David’s. Congratulations for the deserved ‘Post of the Day. Your post is beautiful. Ruby is very interesting. Will be back for more if I may.

    Les Says: Of course – come visit often, introspection.

  7. This is my first visit here and I plan to visit again soon. Like your blog. The story interested me personally as I met my husband on the internet and in September we will be together four years. Like the Four Commandments too, may I borrow them for a post sometime?

    Les Says: Well, welcome to Where the Walls are Soft, Technobabe! I hope you stick around – and congrats on four years!

    As for The 4 Commandments, sure! I’d love to see a post about them – send me a link if you decide to do so – but I’d like to see a link back to credit Ruby.. 🙂

  8. At first I thought you said it was her OWN cousin and I thought that stuff only happens in Kentucky, doesn’t it?

    But then I read it again and realized it was kosher.

    p.s. What an artsy photo! Love that!

    Les Says: Oh, I’ll bet it happens outside of Kentucky… 🙂

    And, yeah, I can be artsy-fartsy if I try hard enough.

  9. Oooh, seven degrees of separation, and all that.. cue spooky music! That is truly amazing, don’t you think? (Smiling)

    I am so glad to see Ruby back in your writings, you are always at your best recounting her tales. Give her a hug from me will you? (x)

    Les Says: I will most certainly give her a hug – more hugs = more stories = more cookies for me! Ruby was quite pleased with David’s POTD for this one. She may not trust the Internet, but she sure doesn’t mind living vicariously through it, does she?

  10. WN cousin and I thought that stuff only happens in Kentucky, doesn’t it?

    But then I read it again and realized it was kosher.

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