Fur-Babies Just for Fun...

Spring Means One Thing to This Dog…

Snow’s gone… which is kind of a bummer.
….but the smells are… different.
….and stronger.
…and I hear something I haven’t heard all winter…
It’s a…
It IS! It’s a….!
Up! UP!! It’s…
The Landlady Zenishness...

A New Table to Sit At…

I have kind of/sort of duplicated Ruby’s kitchen table, complete with space heater underneath, in my own small way.

Ruby’s table was a safe space for me, and I miss it dreadfully. My table is much smaller, but I can feel her here in spirit, so I think it was a good idea, even if it did end up in a strange spot.

Emily Sarah – please note the crib board – we need to test out the card-playing vibe soon!

Kyla Becker Music Video...

It Gets Better From Here…

Kyla Becker – It All Gets Better from Here

Ky uploaded a new song – give it a listen!

Oma-Hood Slideshows

Who’s Watchin’ the Kid?

I just love the sequence of events that seem to play out in this slideshow. Uncle Dodo really only appears to be oblivious.

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It Was a Good Day, Full of Ducks…



Cars. All the Time. That is All.

Chairs make good roads.
Photo © Les Becker, 2018
Oma-Hood Slideshows

Breakfast for Two…

R.I.P. The Landlady

Rest in Peace, Ruby Daniel…

Ruby Daniel

Rest in Peace, my friend

This is an incredibly sad day. I have lost a dear, dear friend, a wonderful lady that has supported me and all I do for the last 14 years.

She held my hand when my father died, and my heart when my mother followed two years later. She became an adopted grandmother to my daughter and to Ky’s best friend as well.

She was Carson’s “Gramma Dot”, and she loved us all as if we were her own.

She was there with a story, a cup of coffee, a crossword puzzle or a game of crib, through more turbulent times than I can count, and when I was at my lowest, she pulled me back up and made me want to write again.

She was my muse and my editor, combined. She lit up my world.

I don’t have a way to describe the loss I feel. There are no words to say how much she meant to me.

Goodbye, Ruby. Rest now. You will never be forgotten.

Little Bits of Stupid Slideshows

I Know Why Spring is Late…

I believe I may owe Sault Ste. Marie an apology… I’ve concluded that we are still experiencing winter in April because Kaylee loves snow more than just about anything else. I should never have allowed her to watch “The Secret” (and since she’s obviously running the Universe now, I wish she loved money this much).

Houseplants Photography Zenishness...

A Nice Surprise…

I had no idea that my Wandering Jew (Spiderwort) was a flowering plant until I discovered this blossom today – a happy surprise!