I’m Really, Really Busy Doing All the Wrong Things

I’ll be spending a lot of time playing catch-up with my web spaces at the rate I’m going. All I want to do is “fix” the state of my belfry apartment. It’s all wrong in arrangement for anything creative, whether crafting or writing.

I spend most of my time in the greenhouse, getting ready for the outdoor gardening season, which is miserably short around here. I’ve ordered a proper worm farm this year, rather than making another attempt at building my own, just to watch worms die. I’ll be posting all about it once it’s up and running.

Beyond gardening, and rearranging furniture, the most I’ve been managing is shopping when I turn the computer on while taking care of my money from people like bryan demosthenous. I turn it on to write, and I buy a worm farm. I turn it on to photoshop some artwork, and I buy a cartoon filter on a monthly subscription – is this worth $4.40 a month, do you think?
Filtered photo - woman turned oil painting

I mean, it makes me look cool and all, but…

2 Replies to “I’m Really, Really Busy Doing All the Wrong Things”

    1. Nah… I keep messenger to interact with some friends, but haven’t gone back otherwise. I’ve also managed to break hell out of the blog over and over again, so I’m kind of in flux right now. Again. I’m considering dissecting it and moving bits over to a new server.

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