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Struck Me Funny, It Did…

Ruby has gotten used to me writing down everything she says, now. She even seems to be looking forward to reading all the stuff I’m making up about her, if I ever get it printed and bring it over. I hope she still feels that way once she reads it.

Contrary to what I told Mushy in a recent email, Ruby just turned 82 a few weeks ago (I had added a year on – and she wasn’t altogether too impressed with me when I told her that, either). Her stories have made a big difference in getting me writing again. My own mother will be 83 in October, and I’m working on getting stuff out of her, too.

I’m able to visit Ruby more often than my mom, though. Ruby’s just up the street, and full of stories as she is, sometimes it’s the one-liners that she comes out with that make my whole day. I’ve gathered up a few to share. I don’t know if they’ll turn into “Landlady Stories” or not, or if you’ll find them as comical, but they sure struck me funny, as Ruby herself would say.

“He wasn’t really a dwarf.”

“Donkeys aren’t very obliging animals.”

“I can crawl around out there and stick ’em in the ground, I guess.”

“I’d be scared to try it (Pot). I’d get addicted.”

“I wish I could get in and out of the bathtub as easy as I can get in and out of that truck. I got stuck in the tub. Twice. Once was on New Year’s Eve, and by the time I got myself out, I was pret’near too tired to go out.”

5 replies on “Struck Me Funny, It Did…”

She’s a jewel…I have met a couple like that, but all gone now.

You have to lov’em…they’ve been around too long not to.

Les Says: *I* love her ‘cuz I don’t have to share her with my brothers and sisters – I get ALL the cookies…

We should be paying attention to all of our conversations and appreciating them more. I’ve noticed that just recently. I, too, noted phrases this week from a conversation. But when they are older, like Ruby, you realize that they might not be here forever and their words, to savor, might be precious.

Les Says: Ruby’s a real card – I already have another list waiting for sometime next week…

I dressed up as an old-time waitress once for Halloween (ala Flo from “Alice”) and I chose Ruby as my name. It just fit. I smoked pot that night, too. Never did get addicted though.

Les Says: The way I figure it, at 82, what the hell’s the difference?! Ruby disagreed, unfortunately. And she knows all the drug dealers. No dope for me. Sigh…*

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