Well, It’s About Time!

Posted by Les Becker on July 31, 2007 in Little Bits of Stupid |

Finally! One of those Who-Gets-Knocked-Off-This-Week TV shows made just for me. Random Song for the Day: “Ballroom Blitz” – Sweet


Almost Perfect…

Yeah, yeah, if it was all perfect what would I have to look forward to, blah, blah, blah. I wish I could remember the actual quote for that – it was killer. BUT, regardless, it really was an almost perfect day. And the one disappointment isn’t getting me down much, because it may yet happen, […]


What Does This Button Do?

Posted by Les Becker on July 26, 2007 in Zenishness... |

I found the “speed control” knob. Once I slowed it all down, a few things became very clear – the most important ones being several pristine paths I can follow. I have concrete plans now, tentative as they may be (LOL! Yeah, that made sense!), and a map to get me around. It’s an odd […]



Posted by Les Becker on July 24, 2007 in Zenishness... |

It’s been a good day. A really good day. I saw Ruby. I got some stuff accomplished. I had a beer. A good day. I betcha I fall asleep tonight. Random Song-for-the-Day: “Breakaway” – Kelly Clarkson


Enough Already

Posted by Les Becker on July 21, 2007 in Little Bits of Stupid |

I would like the world to cooperate and Just. Stop. Long enough for me to lay down and sleep. I need to sleep, and purge the poison, and clear my head enough to get my bearings, finally, and find my place again. But everything continues to rush at me, and around me, and on past […]


Popping In and Right Back Out Again…

Posted by Les Becker on July 3, 2007 in Artsy Fartsy, Flash Video, School |

The Flash Basics course is finally finished with. I got really great marks throughout, but the time it ate up leaves me in serious trouble for the rest of my schedule – and there’s the advanced course to worry about yet, too. I have less than 8 weeks left… and 8 courses to get through. […]

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