Almost Perfect…

Yeah, yeah, if it was all perfect what would I have to look forward to, blah, blah, blah. I wish I could remember the actual quote for that – it was killer.

BUT, regardless, it really was an almost perfect day. And the one disappointment isn’t getting me down much, because it may yet happen, and if not today, then tomorrow. ‘Cuz I wants it.

Matthew Mansel Falls & Eleanor Maude (Van Every) FallsJuly 28, 1948Meldrum Bay, Manitoulin Island, Ontario
Matthew Mansel Falls & Eleanor Maude (Van Every) Falls
July 28, 1948
Meldrum Bay, Manitoulin Island, Ontario

Today is my parents’ 59th Wedding Anniversary. FIFTY-NINE!!!!! Holy ol’ shit, Bloggosphere! My brother and sister-in-law (the Barber-Falls actor/director/producer/musician type people. Yes! Those famous ones!) took us all for a drive over hell’s half-acre and God’s green earth – we didn’t exactly get lost, but I don’t think we knew where we actually were most of the time – and poor unsociable, hermitaged, non-people-loving Me had a wonderful time. Me, who’da thunk?!

We ended up out for dinner at Trout Lake Resort where I ate an incredible white fish dinner (and a beer; can’t forget the beer – in public I drank a beer!) where we asked Mom and Dad how they got engaged.

Father: She called me on the phone and said she was coming on the train and to meet her at the station and that we were getting married.

Mother: I did not!

Father: Yes she did. She was desperate.

Aubrey: Were you desperate, Ma?

Mother: I must have been, I guess.

Me: So, how’d it really happen?

Mother/Father: I’m not telling you.

My sister (Tootie, of last July’s Caught Smokin’ video, for those of you that remember when I had a real blog) and her husband weren’t present for this celebration because of a trip to Manitoba to attend the nuptials of my Un-Brother, Ken, who somehow convinced his lovely companion that she should make an honest man out of him (she must be desperate), and who discovered the one romantic bone in his body (no, not that one, you pigs) and decided that he could only marry on the anniversary of his parents. And she went for it! She did! Congrats to them both, the foolish, foolish youngsters.

One more sister (Big Sis)was missing, as I think she may be up a tree somewhere in Southern Ontario. It’s okay, though – it’s her tree.

On the ride home, we popped into my cousin Carl’s driveway to get tasted by large dogs and learn how to get rid of unwanted Jehovah’s Witnesses. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long, long time.

As we unlocked the door, a tired Kyla, all “peopled-out”, sent me off to Ruby’s for coffee, crosswords, and more laughter.

I came home to my small, but soon to be remedied (wish hard) disappointment, but at least I have good things to write about. And I didn’t snark at anybody all. day.

Yup. An almost perfect day. It’s all good.

Random Song for the Day: “Walkin’ on Sunshine” – Katrina and the Waves

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5 Replies to “Almost Perfect…”

  1. Wow, you have some great family kid! Jeez, I’d die at the thought of being married 59 years… eeeek!!!!

    Les Says: Me, too. Which is why I’m not, nor will I ever be. A year and a half in the mid-80’s was quite enough for me. Although I was married to The Sire of Turkey, I feel like it’s cheating to count that, since we got married through the mail (He used to tell people I was his “mail-order bride”, the shit).

  2. Sounds like a totally “Mushy” kind of day…so I know it was fun!

    Congrats to the old folks!

    Les Says: They can’t quite wrap their brains around all these good wishes from people they’ve never met – but they thank you. I thank you, too. And, yes, it WAS a totally “Mushy” kind of day. *Great* fun! You would have had a blast, I know.

  3. 59 years ? 59 frickin years ?? Wow, they’re either very much in love or … no, it must be love.

    Glad to hear you had an “almost” perfect day Les. Aren’t those just great ?

    Les Says: Or… habit? LOL! Either way, they’re very happy and content, so it’s all good. And “almost” perfect days are pretty damned fabulous.

  4. I need that Jehovah’s Witness technique. Send instructions.

    Les Says: Perhaps I should work that bit up into my next post. Carl should have been a comedian, and he doesn’t just “tell” you anything; he turns it into stand-up. I’ll work on his routine for you, how’s that?

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