And That’s the Way It Is…

Taken May 13, 2007
with Canon Powershot A550
© 2007, Les Becker

I’ve quit The Dream Job. School was (is) going down the crapper and I’ve been spending catch-up time in school worrying about The Dream Job, and catch-up time at The Dream Job worrying about school. Nothing was getting done.

If I can “fast-track” through school somehow, I might manage to give myself a buffer of a few weeks to look for a job before the funding runs out. I’m at a point financially, finally, that I can start to sock a way a bit of an emergency fund against having no income, but I doubt I have time to build much of a cushion. Not to mention, that this situation is temporary. The funding will stop. And hell, I’m not even sure I can finish school by the deadline, let alone early.

At this point in my life… well, let’s just say that this is not where I expected to be.

Random song for the Day: “The Joker” – Steve Miller Band

5 Replies to “And That’s the Way It Is…”

  1. Please explain to me the popularity of that song. I’ve heard it for years, and for years I changed the channel or turned it down. I generally hate it…so what’s so great about it. I really want to know – ’cause I can’t figure it out.

    Les Says: I wish I could help with that one, Mushy. Haven’t got a clue. Music is such a personal thing with people (well… maybe I mean with ME, I don’t know) that I wouldn’t dare try to figure out some songs’ popularity. I think with this one, it’s probably the Steve Miller “sound”. Even when all the songs were brand new, they still had such a nostalgic feel to them. This one has always felt to me like a summer “garage party” in the rain. Smoke hanging in the air, and a case of beer in the cooler… this one would hit the playlist about the time that the ice was down to cool water and there were finally enough lawn chairs for the die-hards to sit in/pass out in.

  2. You never know what the universe has in store for you, Les.

    Les Says: LOL! That’s what I’m afraid of.

  3. Ah geez, that’s too bad about the job Les. But hey, if you can get school over with quickly you should be back on the job market fairly soon.

    And as you’ve already figured out, doing two very big things at once is pretty hard.

    Les Says: I think, too, that I took that job on for the wrong reason – kind of as a way to justify being in school at all. These courses were chosen to fit a particular business concept (similar to The Dream Job), and I still can’t for the life of me think what use they’ll be in any employment I’ll get, now that my business has been shut down. I’m finishing them now, because of the contract – and, I think, to finally say I finished SOMETHING.

    Still, though, I like to believe this is *not* a wasted effort. Somewhere, this experience will be an asset. Right? RIGHT?! LOL!

  4. You’ve made a sound decision if you ask me (which, alright, you haven’t), but good on you, bonny lass. No one can fully focus on one thing, when they are being yanked in all directions. One big thing at a time, eh? This course of yours will still one day prove useful to you, I’d lay a bet on it. Just keep on keeping on, it’s all any one of us can ever do, isn’t it? x

    Les Says: Now, of course, there are more “outside forces that I can’t control” that seem to be working against me. Roofers. I have to be here, instead of at school to let them in and out. Yes, I can work here, but where’s the fun in that?!

  5. Oh, heavens. I completely missed this post! It must have been when I accidentally “mark all readed” my RSS feeds! It sounds like you made a really good decision to enable yourself to focus on one thing rather than two, which was resulting in chaos (said the admitted non-multitasker).

    And hey, guess what I did this morning? Quit MY dream job! Turned out it was more of a nightmare. I don’t have school, though, so I’m going to have to get out there and get another stinkin’ job 🙁

    Les Says: Yeah, I’ll be in that boat soon enough… I’m hoping for the non-stinkin’ kind if at all possible. If God is kind. Yes, I’ve decided that I do believe in God, after all; He’s just really pissed at me. REALLY pissed.

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