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I’ve Been Held Back to the Point of Falling Over…

Broken Chair
Squashed by a 104-Pound Woman!
Taken February 12, 2016 with
Samsung Galaxy 3

I’ve had some serious “Writer’s Block” issues for the last… oh… millennium or so. I’ve come to the conclusion over the last several months that it’s not writer’s block so much as my own stubbornness that’s keeping me from writing.

But then the above event happened. In slow motion. Just like in the movies.

I had just sat down determined to Write Something, Dammit!, and was doing my “squat-sit” thing a la` this post, when I felt an odd sinking/sliding sensation, and realized that I was slowly oozing downward at a strange angle.

Eventually, I found myself in a ball on the floor, staring up at the underside of my desk.

When I managed to untangle the legs of the chair from the legs of myself, I tried to see the funny side – I kind of wished I had wired CCTV into the Belfry so I could see whether or not I had actually dissolved the chair in slow-motion or if it just felt like it – but I was just a little pissed that when I finally sat my ass down to Write Something, Dammit!, all I managed to accomplish was to collapse my only chair.

By the time I finally located the matching, unsquashed-flat chair in the lower apartment and steal it from the guy that actually lives there, I didn’t feel like writing anymore.


Ah well…. with luck, the new replacement will last me as long as the old chair did – roughly 9 years. Maybe I’ll have this book written by then, too.

New Chair
New Chair…. Same as the Old Chair
Taken February 12, 2016 with
Samsung Galaxy 3

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I Have an Interview with Writer’s Online Network at Blog Talk Radio Today!

I Have An Interview!!
I Have An Interview!!
CHECK IT OUT! I’m SO excited! Not to mention, a little terrified… 😉

You can listen in at 4 pm Central Time (5 pm Eastern) at this link:

Here’s What the WON BTR site has to say…


I Kinda Love Facebook…

The Waitress, the Whiskey & the Handcuffs
The Waitress, the Whiskey & the Handcuffs
I got a great compliment from a Facebook friend that bought “The Waitress” yesterday. She read it start-to-finish before noticing that the sun had gone down, supper was late – but took the time to tell all her friends on Facebook how much she loved it BEFORE feeding the family!

I feel a little guilty, now… just not so guilty that I won’t invite my readers here to starve their own children (temporarily, at least). 😉

Click to check it out!

P.S. A Belated HAPPY NEW YEAR! to everyone! Did you make any resolutions? Did you break them all this week? LOL!

Artsy Fartsy Book Mentions NaNoWriMo Stories

Cover Art for “The Cruise”

The CruiseComing in 2015
The Cruise
Coming in 2015

I just finished the cover art for “The Cruise”. I suppose I should get busy and finish writing it now…

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NaNoWriMo Update…

Not Much to Brag About, So Far…

I am so behind on word count in NaNoWriMo that it’s frightening. I have just over 1,000 words clocked. The app tells me that at the rate I’m going, I will hit 50,000 words during the second week in May.

This working full time is cramping my style…

I’m writing the coolest story, though. It’s a horror/end-of-life-as-we-know-it kind of thing and it takes place on a cruise ship. I’m having a difficult time actually typing, because the cat wants to help (I accidentally locked her out for nearly an hour, and she feels I owe her something for that…).

Real Life Writing Zenishness...

The (Only) 5 Fears We All Share…

Who - me? Scared?!
Who – me? Scared?!

Psychology Today posted a really interesting article that crunched all our phobias down into five big fears that all of us share.

According to this article, you may not have arachnophobia – maybe you’re even amused at another person’s fear of spiders – but if the thought of being eaten by a bear keeps you from hiking in the woods when you would otherwise really enjoy a hike in the woods, then, deep down, you actually share a common fear (the fear of mutilation, believe it or not) with that guy you’re laughing at.

So, quit laughing already.

I’ve been trying off and on to make a living as a writer in one manner or another since I was a teenager. It has never failed that at some point in every one of my journeys (“This time I’m going to do it. This time, I’m not going to quit.”), someone or something has always stopped me in my tracks.


Epiphany #1…

You Know  You're Really a Writer When... #1

Short Fiction Writing

I Need Advice…

skak.gifI don’t know whom to credit for this fabulousness, but I “stumbled” upon it HERE. Shame I can’t get much of anything else out of the site…

I’ve been busy, busy of late. Writing more – and posting more often, which actually seems to work against me, as far as interaction from my readers, so I may slack off a bit again.

I thought I was “blocked” again, but after much internal examination of the inside-my-head filing cabinets, I think I just have too many projects on the go. So I’m going to ask for a little help, here.

I’ve decided what to tackle next, which is Part V of “The Waitress, the Whiskey, & the Handcuffs.” It’s closest to “done”, and I’ve finally located the half-finished thing and believe I know where it’s going to finish up (provided “Fictional” Ruby’s mother doesn’t go AWOL or change lanes without signaling). It’s time to take that one off the stove – it’s cooked.

My problem is, I want to know what to do after that, and I’m stymied.

Do I get back at the third (and hopefully last) draft of my very first screenplay…? I mean, it’s been waiting around since 2002, and I still think there might some hope for it.

Do I jump all over the second draft of my first finished novella..? That one is only a year old, and although I’m not comfortable with the genre, I think it’s a good story.

Do I hack away at finishing one of the many screenplays I’m in the middle of first drafts of…? And if so, which freaking one?!

….the one about the whack-job bisexual rich girl with the wicked weird life, which takes a left-turn part-way through when the viewer realizes it’s not even about her, but about her ultra-fave girlfriend…?

….or the one about the two brothers who hate each other, only to discover they just don’t know each other, which sounds boring when it’s put that way, but really is an interesting story, especially when one considers the working title, which is “Billy the Jerk”…?

….or the freaky-deaky horrorish one about the ancient witchy broad who can control the weather and turn people into sand when she’s pissed at them…?

….or the fuzzy little romantic comedy, if only because it’d probably take less than a week to write…?


Do I bite a bitter bullet, and delve deep into a once-dear-to-me past project and change the format from a situation comedy into either a novel or a feature-length made-for-tv movie – a project that I’ve been avoiding working on because I’m nervous it will send me down that nasty rabbit-hole of depression I fought so hard to crawl out of a while back…?

A little help from my friends would be much appreciated, guys. What are your thoughts?

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Feeling a Little Trapped Here…

"Queen Anne, Exiled"Taken July 7, 2006 with HP PhotoSmart R607
“Queen Anne, Exiled”
Taken July 7, 2006 with HP PhotoSmart R607

My bad habits are haunting me. I just couldn’t wait to start NaNoWriMo… until the start date, that is. Now, I’m restless and can’t seem to concentrate. Hmmm, my coffee cup is empty, excuse me a minute.

The story is there. All I have to do is sit my ass down and write it. Geez, I didn’t eat breakfast, yet. Gimme a minute.

I know exactly what my problem is. It’s because I’m supposed to be writing it, that’s what it is. Now that I’m supposed to be writing it, I can think of a million other things to fritter my time away with. And do.

The Official NaNoWriMo Handbook (“No Plot? No Problem!”) reminds me that a fairly fast typist can burn through about 2000 words in an hour or so. When I’m up to speed I can type fairly accurately at 80 wpm, assuming I’ve managed to set my fingers on home row and don’t look up to a pageful of gibberish later… So, why am I not doing that?

I have to just sit here and do it, damn it!

Said Handbook also reminds me that many NaNoWriMoers dick around for most of the month and then fly through the last 35,000 words in the remaining 3 or 4 days before the deadline. Me, I don’t know if I’m up to that kind of marathon. I would rather continue to remind myself that I wrote a novella in three days not so long ago, so thirty days should be a walk in the park, no?

Excuse me again. I’m going to take a walk in the park and see if that helps at all.

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NaNoWriMo Writing

Clickety-Clack, Clickety-Clack

I think Emma is starting to take over, now. I’m looking forward to the >word count reading over 5,000 before I change the clock back an hour tonight.

Oh yeah… don’t forget to change the clock back an hour tonight. That’s my Public Service Announcement for the year.

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